case studies

  • Tamini uses FR3 fluid with TUK to achieve greater continuous load capacity in new autotransformer design

    Tamini power transformers, based in Italy, designed a new autotransformer for Italian system operator, TERNA, that has a 250MVA nominal rating with the continuous load capacity of 375MVA. Leveraging the high temperature insulation system of FR3 fluid and TUK paper, this solution will help TERNA better handle power demand fluctuations, reduce energy losses, increase fire safety and better protect the environment.

  • Long-term Performance of FR3 fluid-filled Distribution Transformer Exceeds Expectations

    After 12 years of continuous operation at a heavily-loaded network point, teardown of an FR3 fluid-filled compact distribution transformer rated at 88 kVA showed impressive results. Brazilian utility CPFL Energia initiated the investigation in 2003 installing two prototypes that replaced mineral oil-filled transformers, removing one of the prototypes from operation to review the results. Not only was the transformer still in perfect operating condition after submitting to an average loading .. Lesen Sie mehr

  • Envirotemp FR3 Fluid Extends Free-breathing Load Tap Changer Switch Life

    Like many U.S. cities, Leesburg, Florida, known as the Lakefront City, had been relying solely on mineral oil-filled transformers for its power delivery needs. Nearly five years ago, Leesburg made the decision to incorporate soy-based dielectric transformer fluid as a way to improve its levels of safety and sustainability. Since that time, the City has witnessed a range of benefits not only related to safety and sustainable supply, but also in reduced maintenance, extended equipment longe .. Lesen Sie mehr

  • CTR Manufacturing Confirms Suitability of FR3 Fluid in Tap-Changer Transformer Application

    With so many reasons why Envirotemp™ FR3™ natural ester fluid is trusted worldwide, recent tests performed by CTR Manufacturing confirm the suitability of FR3 fluid for tap-changer application. Established in 1964 with facilities in Pune, Aurangabad and Naski India, CTR Manufacturing Industries Ltd., manufactures and distributes engineering and electronic products. The recent addition of their state-of-the-art HV electrical lab has enabled CTR to conduct extensive tests to validate materi .. Lesen Sie mehr

  • Field Performance Data of FR3 Fluid in 420kV

    Proven Performance with World's Largest Natural Ester-filled Transformer   With nearly three years of service under its belt, the largest power transformer filled with natural ester Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid has been running perfectly and in accordance with all industry standards and utility expectations. Designed to operate at the highest voltage level in Germany’s power grid, the 420kV transformer’s rated voltage was specified to 380kV and its insulation levels meet the standard IEC 600 .. Lesen Sie mehr

  • Natural Ester Transformers Change India's Landscape

    The peninsula of Mumbai, India is the third-most densely populated urban area on Earth. This “mega-city” is home to more than 53,000 people per square mile-roughly twice the current population density of New York City. As a result, electric power companies in Mumbai are facing space-constraint issues and challenges that are common to all fast growing cities around the world. The Tata Power Company Limited has developed an impactful solution to overcome this challenge. They implemented FR3 .. Lesen Sie mehr

  • TATA Power Optimized 20MVA Design Case Study

    FR3 fluid delivers smart, powerful solutions to the grid. The Tata Power Company Limited is India’s largest integrated power company with a growing international presence, serving more than 600,000 residential and commercial customers in Mumbai and more than 1,400,000 customers in New Delhi. It began exploring the use of natural ester fluid filled transformers in 2003, according to Pillai, but didn’t have a local manufacturer to provide the product and fluids expertise. In 2013, Tata Powe .. Lesen Sie mehr

  • German Power Grid Operator Installs World’s Largest FR3 Fluid Filled Substation Transformer

    TransnetBW, a transmission network operator in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, recently installed a 420 kV power transformer in one of its substations in southwest Germany that is cooled and insulated with Envirotemp™ FR3™ Natural Ester Fluid. The substation transformer, which has a power rating of 300 MVA with an overload condition of up to 400 MVA, is the first in this high voltage category to be filled with a renewable, vegetable-oil-based, natural ester fluid. "This is particula .. Lesen Sie mehr

  • Heading for 100 percent Envirotemp™ FR3™ natural ester fluid

    CPFL Energia leads the way in Brazil, committing its entire energy distribution network to green transformer technology using Cargill’s FR3™ fluid Responsible for supplying electricity to 7.3 million households and businesses in Brazil’s south and south-east regions, CPFL Energia is the country’s largest privately-owned generator and distributor of electrical energy, and the third largest overall after Eletrobras and CEMIG. In 2013, the company announced that it would be phasing its en .. Lesen Sie mehr

  • High performing, environmentally appealing

    CPFL Energia, Brazil’s largest non-state-owned electic energy company, is switching to Cargill’s Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid as the coolant in its transformers. Our vegetable oil-based product, which replaces petroleum-derived mineral oil, is less flammable, nontoxic, biodegradable and nearly carbon neutral. And it’s higher performing, with greater operating efficiency and reliability, less downtime and longer insulation life. Because CPFL’s distribution network is substantial, the changeover wil .. Lesen Sie mehr